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GERMIFLOR® : 5 generations, spanning 130 years

The LAUTIER-BARTHES family enterprise was set up in Mazamet, in the Tarn region of France, at the end of the 19th century.

From the outset, in 1885, five generations of the Lautier family have shared a passion for making and selling Soil Conditioners, Organic Fertilizers and Organic-Mineral Fertilizers for all types of crops and both organic and conventional farming.

Every year, the company produces over 40,000 tonnes of fertilizers, in compliance with sustainable development principles, of which 80% is approved for use in organic farming. All of our products include the purified plant base, MAZOR®, which is made exclusively from traceable, high-quality inputs.
We are the only manufacturer in the world to disclose our formula in a fully transparent manner, listing its ingredients per 100kg.

GERMIFLOR®’s high-quality fertilizers and responsive, committed team of professionals has made the company a front-ranking player in soil nutrition, both in France and abroad.

Stages in production

The LAUTIER-BARTHES company operates on a six-hectare production plant, with advanced manufacturing facilities.


The fertilization process involves incorporating into a given plant-growing medium the mineral elements needed for plants to grow.
There are two types of fertilizer, Manure and Soil Amendments:
• Organic Amendments nourish the soil.
• Organic Manure nourishes the soil and fosters the development of microbial flora.
• Organic-Mineral fertilizer nourishes the soil and micro organisms and adds the mineral elements required for plant growth.

Organic Matter is GERMIFLOR®’s speciality. Our aim is to ensure soils and plants are nourished properly, which means returning to the earth all of the organic and mineral elements needed for plants to grow, while at the same time protecting the environment.

Our laboratory

LAUTIER-BARTHES has an in-house laboratory to guarantee product traceability and transparency.
The laboratory allows us to:
• take 400g samples of each raw material and finished product for storage in controlled temperatures over an 18-month period,
• conduct advanced technological analyses, using spectrophotometry, to pre-analyse our merchandise prior to shipping.

In addition, all of our products are monitored by COFRAC-accredited external laboratories. To achieve optimal quality and results, we always work with research-focused laboratories, such as Microhumus, which operates under the INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research) and the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), and RITTMO Agroenvironnement Centre de Ressource Technologique (Technological Resources Centre), which is certified by the French Ministry of Research.

Sectors of activity

Our product lines address eight specific sectors of activity, to meet all your farming needs:

Wine growing

Using Organic and Organic-Mineral fertilizers: the quality of the wine produced is directly affected by that of the grapes harvested.

Vegetable growing

Organic and Organic-Mineral fertilizers ensure quality harvests and improve the taste and condition of vegetable harvests.

Tree growing

Organic and Organic-Mineral fertilizers ensure trees develop sufficiently to yield high-quality fruit, that is both tasty and in good condition.


Organic and Organic-Mineral fertilizers enable more substantial plant development and ensure cut flowers last for longer.

Grain farming

One potential Organic source of forms of nitrogen for Organic Farming is Phosphorous. Certain sources of potassium are also accepted in Organic Farming.


Organic-Mineral fertilizers foster greater grassland density, enabling better resistance to drought and disease.

Green spaces

Our tailored products ensure lusher plants with enhanced drought resistance.


Our three fertilizers all comply with Organic Farming criteria (CE 834/2007) : Biomazor®, le Potager and le Verdure.
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