Germiflor quality labels and charters

quality labels

Qualité France

Independent organisation for the quality control and certification of organic farming produce. Qualité-France SAS provides a guarantee for consumers that the products it approves comply with organic farming criteria. Qualité-France SAS’s team of specialised engineers and technicians operate in all segments of the organic farming sector.
quality labels


An Organic-Mineral charter that checks to ensure products do not include green waste or Category 1 and 2 animal meal derived from animal slaughter. The only category of animal meal accepted is Category 3, which covers ground and hydrolysed slaughterhouse by-products. Germiflor is one of the six members of UNIFA.
quality labels

National Organic Program

This program concerns fresh farm produce or produce that has been processed for use in feeding livestock or for crops. It also covers products that can be sold under the “organic” label, such as natural fibres. The program only grants the term “organic” (organic farming) to certified producers.

Our quality labels

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